Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ever wonder whats beyond the harizon?

Its always something SMALL that will get you out of the funk that you're in... As most of you know, last week, I lost a friend who was dear to me in my life... We weren't close, but, her impact on me, was definitely felt, and wont be forgotten... But, through the week, of questioning, and all that, I had my relief today... It came in the form of seeing a friends name pop up in one of my many ways of communicating... This friend of mines, is honestly an angel. And God sent her at the right time. :) It was a short conversation, just a catch up really... She let me know, how life was for her, I told her how life was for me, but, we had something in common, yet again, and it was beautiful, cause, It made life easier to deal with, in the since of getting over the loss, and just allowing life to move on... Cause, the best way to honor the dead, is to live your life to the fullest. and that may be in the same vein, as moving on, as being inspired through tragedy, as being willing to motivate yourself to be better in all ways possible... But, it only takes a small spark to set a forest on fire... Don't go off, and start setting forest fires, but, the metaphor is break out of the funk, and find a reason to smile, and move on. :) Its about time I made lemonade... cause, the lemons were piling up. Good night :)

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