Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Warned You!

I was too chicken to post this question on social media, knowing the backlash I would have received for simply, not thinking like others. Call me sensitive, call me a pussy, or whatever... but with so many different strong opinions about EVERYTHING, it's so damn hard to just ask a simple and honest question for  dispelling my ignorance on the subject of a transsexuals choice. The questions I was so afraid to post all centered around questions about what happened to the person that no longer exists? Like, what happens when their kid needs advice from the parent that is no longer their? and What about their past accomplishments? And I also wanted to know what the government thinks... so I asked, What about social security?... These are the questions that I was too damn scared to ask, cause of the backlash of people are so ready to pounce on someone for thinking outside the box, when that same line of thinking leads to nothing but support and appreciation to the "brave."

Since we are on the subject of applauding people for their choices in life... I don't hear any type of celebration for anyone who finds happiness in something different than what the niche says is suppose to be normal. Speaking personally, I never heard one person applaud me for liking rock music... Its met with surprise and awe... I haven't gotten one pat on the back for liking hockey... It was met with this saying "You're the whitest black person I know." But the moment, someone is "brave" enough to be themselves... PEDESTALS! MEDALS! AWARDS! PRAISE!

Excuse me for being or sounding selfish or insensitive, but its all misplaced to me. When ANYONE of ANY COLOR or gender finds ANYTHING that makes them happy, it should ALL be celebrated. Not just the bigger name... No one wants to put the next door neighbor on a pedestal for being themselves... No one is cheering on the coworker who decided to be them self during a time of personal anguish and difficulty... But its always the 1 famous person that is the hero. I can hear it now! 

"But, Jolly! That person is only the first to come out... they can help the next person who is struggling in their own skin." 

True! Not arguing that... I just hate that we have to look at the "famous" person who didn't do anything, but have a way to just make themselves "more famous," if you may... With the press and paparazzi, its easier for anyone to just be themselves. 

By no means am I against happiness, or making your own story, but what I am against is all the praise someone receives for counter culture choices. At a recent get together, I was talking to a new friend, and Sam Smith's song "Stay With Me," came on the play list, and the guy who I was talking to, who was gay, mentioned that he did not like how Sam Smith got his success. He believes that your talents should speak for themselves... Not who you fuck. But, because he was riding the waves of "I'm gay, and I got my heart broken," he shot  up to fame... Shouldn't be that way... Antics and life choices should not allow you to be famous... Let your talents speak for itself, and let your private life and your private choices be that. But if you are doing it to save the next life, do so... But don't do it, because you are finally comfortable with yourself. Selfishness will finally be forgotten, just like Michael Sam... That asshole was so damn selfish. that's he's not in the NFL... His selfishness allowed him to be playing in Canada, than his actual talent.

But again. I am not against any one's happiness... I am not against any one's perception of them self. I am, however, against anyone who blindly celebrate any one's decision, when there are a million and a half other people doing the same things, and no one is doing ANYTHING about it. Put 1 famous person, who's only famous cause of his step-daughters ass, who signed up for another shitty reality TV show, gets the easy way out... I do not know the inner struggles of feeling as if you are trapped in one gender and always felt to be another... I don't want to know. But in different degrees, we all have felt different, unwanted, unhappy, different, abnormal, abandoned, and not ourselves, JUST TO SAVE FACE... I listed mines, and I know that they are not in the same breath as being a woman trapped in a man's body, or vice-versa... But, all of us, who didn't have a chance to tell our stories, it's kinda fucked up that everyone celebrates a celebrity and neglect our friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers, confidants, and what have you, struggling with the same fight...

I don't see anyone meming the 99... Just the 1... PRIORITIES!!!!

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