Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good Parents = Great Music Taste

When I become a parent, I will raise my kids right... 2 nights ago, a radio personality here in Atlanta, was telling the story about him going to Benihana here in Atlanta. And after he saw all the kids running around, he decided to go elsewhere... On Buzzfeed, there is an "article or something" that shows that "Tweens" don't know who the group Outkast is...  That right there is bad parenting... You should NEVER allow your kids to run around a restaurant, while yall get drunk... You should ALWAYS open your kids up to GREAT music from the past, so they too can appreciate GOOD, QUALITY music... But because of the way these kids are raised, they wanna listen to Drake... Kanye West... Lil Wayne... They always go to the shit, and will never discover Janelle Monae... The Coup... GEMS... Coheed And Cambria... Death... The Beatles... The White Stripes... TV On The Radio... GREAT bands like these are never going to get the mainstream attention that they deserve, because, parents do not know how to be parents...

My mom grew me up on Earth, Wind, and Fire, Issac Hayes, Aretha Franklin... Classic soul searching music... My mom for my first real Christmas gave me the gift that I still have to this day... An original pressing of Michael Jackson's Thriller... That same woman, about 8 or 9 years later took me to my very first concert... It was Paul McCartney. He came and played at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina, and that night changed my life... I realized the importance of good music. Good music does a hell of a lot more for you than the bullshit that they force feed you over the Radio... I do hope that people realize that "Royals" is a social commentary of the "privileged" lives of American Youth, and a girl who is HAPPY for the life that she has, and not trying to live a "dream." It's a great song! But, I do hope that people know that Lorde has more than one song, that is a hell of a lot better than "Royals." But of course, no one will ever try to look it up... Why? Parents.

I will make sure that my kids will know music going back all the way to the days of the Symphony. You have ALWAYS gotta find out why you love certain music. But it is so wrong for parents not to give their kids the option to find or discover good music. The Hackney boys (The band named 'Death') had parents that exposed them to EVERY type of music, and they are punk LEGENDS!!! 3 black boys, living in the middle of Motown, playing punk rock... THAT is good parenting... They came from a blue collared 2 parent home, and they made sure that they had faith, music, and family. But, now a days, those kids in the 80s that were all about the hair bands (not saying that they were bad, or all bad), they will just allow their kids to listen to anything, and its obvious. I dont know the science behind it, but I am pretty sure that the statistics would show that the better parents have a great taste in music... Just saying... So yeah. Kids. Music. Important! But as a side note, the shitty songs are fun for a reason... And happiness can be a drug.

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