Thursday, December 27, 2012

These Are The Days Of Our Lives.... IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! (Yes. We Are Stuck Here.)

On graduation day in 2001, my mom asked me a simple question... She asked "How do you feel?" To which I replied with, "What do you mean?" She replied with "Don't you feel different, cause you're graduating?" And I answered honestly with a "Nope." Same shit, different day.

In all my life, there was a 4 year period where I just hated life and people. Whoever lied and said that it would be "the greatest time of my life," should rethink their lives... High school was/is the worst conceived idea in the world today... Well, at least in America. Why am I talking about high school? Well, let me take you back to Christmas Eve. It's in the middle of the evening, but you couldn't have told, due to the fact that the sun goes down at like 12:45 every day now... Me and my friend are sitting at a bar (only one open on this side of town), and we are going on and on about life, music, and sports, and what not, and then I brought up the fact that we are all still in high school... If I did not make myself clear at the beginning, I FUCKING HATED HIGH SCHOOL!!! Freshman through senior year was the worlds biggest waste of time, and the worst way to "find yourself" as an individual. High school should be regarded as straight up bullshit... Anyways back to the subject at hand... It is apparent that society today has become one big high school. There are cliques and groups that you have to meet the criteria for acceptance, and there are beliefs that you must abide by in order to be accepted by another group, you gotta dress a same certain way to be tagged as a (fill in the blank) to be accepted by those people, and all the while, you have a family that you don't think loves you, but you are neglecting the fact that they are here for you because you have so many styles and beliefs to conform to... Society today has become one big high school, and I'm sick of it... What the fuck is wrong with people!? Nothing has changed since graduation, some people don't want to grow up. All they want to do, is hang on to what made them popular back in those days... Why am I making the comparison to today with high school? Well, lets look at the world today... the people who are on a high horse are animal lovers, vegetarians, gays, nerds, and hipsters... The people in power, were the ones bullied, and tortured for their beliefs in high school... now that they are all grown up, they think they have all the right to get that time back... those 4 years are multiplied by a lot of followers, and this is the life we are in today. Being an individual who just wants to live your life without it being in front of a camera, or a label  has become increasingly difficult. So, to be different means to conform to someones idea of cool or acceptance, but to be yourself, you are just outside of it all... doesn't make that much since to me. But hey! Who am I right? I'm just a guy who likes what I like, and dislike what I dislike, and hates what he hates, and loves what he loves... By default, I don't fit in. I'm the loner, the forgettable, the over looked.  And guess what... I am TOTALLY ok with that. As popular as I am, I'm not really a fan of it. As many smiles I put on faces, I am ok with those who expects more from me, and treat me less than my value. I like the fight of current cause at the bottom of the river, the rocks are already polish.

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