Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Well, Since Grandma's Dishes Are Broken, Might As Well Talk About The Elephant In The Room

Amazing how, all of a sudden, the law doesn't apply for ALL Americans... When the dead can't testify, and the guilty gets away free, KNOWING that what they did was wrong... This whole situation in Ferguson, Missouri is the tipping point of the elephant that has been shitting in the corner of the room, in this nation. Racism is alive and well. RACISM is alive and well. RACISM is ALIVE and well... RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!

For any and everyone who still think that its SOOOO cool to add the word "Nigga" to your everyday speech, shows that there is no real cause for a cure to what this nation has been brought up on... FEAR. This is the most alive I have seen this country since the Olympics and World Cup. Now that this has happened for the second time this year, that a black kid has been killed by a white man who is to "protect and serve," and got away with murder, It finally became time to bring it up... The fear has to be subsided in this nation...

There is no reason why people have to feel as if they have to PROVE themselves to one race or the other, by listening to the music, trying to talk the jive, or being SO FUCKIN OFFENDED by anything that happens to your black friends, is not enough to make any relations in race better. Instead of seeing color, or circumstance, or dress, or what they listen to, see the person. Get to know, the human. Get to fall in love with the soul that is the person. Not the color, not the culture, not the lifestyle... PEOPLE! FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PEOPLE!

There is no reason why people who protects and serve take up extreme violence among people... There is no reason why these cops are getting away with assault and battery. Instead of protecting and serving, they are getting angry and using extreme force and violence against people who are being general assholes... People are being abused and their rights are being violated because they cant "maintain their right to remain silent." And no one is trying to keep them accountable for their actions. So here is what needs to be done...

I know that the election is rigged to where the predetermined winner will win, regardless of the voice of the masses... What needs to happen is that the masses needs to show up at every town hall meeting, every governors address, every appearance by any and all politicians and ask the questions, and FORCE THEM TO ANSWER THE QUESTION HONESTLY. Educate yourself on those running, and find a way to make sure that they stay accountable with their word... WE THE PEOPLE, CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT. That is why dirty cops are walking around free. That's why things aren't being changed in the community. That is why fear is the leader of this nations media. That is why no one wants to close the gap the proper way...

If we educate ourselves on who is going into office, we will have the upper hand, and we will not have anymore unrest like we do today... but what do I know... I havent touched this fuckin blog in over 5 months... But, I had to say something. Goodnight.

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